Oct. 6th, 2015 07:25 pm
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 I have no real title for this post for some reason... ah well... I almost never do lol... I'm eating a few of golden oreos and drinking Diet Pepsi and listening to Lady G. I'm so fucking good at multitasking... lol

TWD comes back this Sunday! *does victory dance* HELL YES! I'm a weirdo I know. :P I honestly can not wait for this. I wonder who's getting the ax this time. Carl or Daryl? I hope not Daryl. Norman Reedus plays him perfectly. Carl might not get axed bc he is Rick's son... Chandler Riggs is a cutie but I'm way too old, and me liking him is kinda pedo. lol ok. 

I need to get some sleep but I seriously don't think that I will. Sweet sweet caffeine is coursing through my veins all the way to my brain. :)

I bought my vita yesterday. Had a shitload of problems with the PSN shop but it's all good now. I downloaded my iTunes collection (of which I have not a lot of songs.. but wtf eh?) So that is nice. I love Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video. 


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 I have type 2 diabetes and I was told to drink lots of water and kill the house juice. So... that's what I'll do. :) Melissa gave me some Crystal Light squirt stuff... I just dumped the rest of the cola into my new water bottle. Both Coll and I were given water bottles for free. 

I'm watching a TWD marathon. Zombies!!!! XD


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 As you may or may not remember, I have little to absolutely no patience. So, it's super hard for me to wait for things. I'm not greedy or anything... I also have ADHD which I'm guessing doesn't help my situation. To tell you the truth, I'm waiting for this dude to sell me his vita. I hope that tomorrow I can finally get it.  

I'm watching Fear the Walking Dead. It's meh... I like TWD better. And maybe Daryl Dixon too? ;) lol I love that redneck. :D

I just had a jumbo cheese pizza slice, 3 samosas from Econo's and a peach drink from Timmy's. And yes, I am a giant piglet... well, I was hungry. :)

The Talking Dead is on but do you think I give a fuck? Nope. ;P


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 Pic Under Cut )

That's me just a few secs ago. I have sticky out elf ears. I think maybe it's my glasses, it could be but... weird eh? Ignore the mess behind me.. lol


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My name is Sam, and I'm back... I have to watch Fear the Walking Dead tonight bc a) it's the season finale and b) I'm a mindless zombie freak... lol

My sister has gone to Timmy's with Grandma. :) Mike (the seller of my new vita) is meeting us at Timmy's. Hell yes! XD

I have a headache so.. I will relax and wait for Colly to return with nommy stuff.

Sam your redheaded zombie grrl...


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